From the beginning, we have been driven by the motivation to create the most beautiful interiors in Budapest.

As we believe that people should live in the most beautiful homes possible, interior design is a real passion for us. By making our living spaces more beautiful, our lives also become better and more harmonious.

In all likelihood, you’ve always dreamed of living in a home that meets all your needs and perfectly satisfies your desires. We founded our family business in this spirit. We have worked with our own interior designers and reliable construction professionals for more than a decade in our Budapest downtown office. With the experience we have accumulated during this time, and our extensive domestic and international supplier partnerships, we aim to provide you with the most complete service possible.

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Based on feedback from our clients: the key values that made them choose us are flexibility, complexity, and the fact that we manage all of our projects as if working on our own home. We easily adapt to changing needs, market opportunities or unexpected situations during construction. We are not afraid to try new and bold solutions, and we thoroughly enjoy such challenges. As designers and contractors, we try to think with the client’s head and consider their financial opportunities. Upon request, we also bring together, schedule and coordinate professional work related to our own projects. Hence, we are able to support the entire renovation process.

What we can offer:

  • accurate, itemized price offer, free of subsequent costs
  • joint thinking, brainstorming, cost calculation
  • professional, 3D and photorealistic visual designs
  • creative, spectacular and practical living spaces
  • strong technical preparation, own construction team
  • complex project management, convenient, scheduled and turnkey solutions
  • product procurement or production based on individual needs
  • owner care, warranty

You dream it, we design and furnish the home of your dreams, following the latest interior design trends.

Our company, Flamingo Interiors, deals with home furnishing, interior design, trade and construction of unique, custom-made furniture and quality materials. We are a company with a European spirit, inspired by our experiences abroad, and we communicate in several languages: we are available to our customers in English, Italian and French.

Home renovation is our passion, let us help you create the home of your dreams!

We look forward to welcoming you,

Anna Takács and Péter Szabó
The owners and managers of Flamingo Interiors

Since we are parents ourselves

Since we became the mother and father of a beautiful little girl, home means even more to us! It is no longer just a decorative, comfortable apartment that can be embellished with various home furnishings, it is not just a building that reflects interior design trends or dictates trends, but an intimate, friendly, practical living space, where it is good to arrive, where it is good to be, where, in addition to having everyone your own living space, it’s good to live together.

We want to design and create living spaces that evoke such feelings for others, whether it’s designing a children’s room, renovating a living room, kitchen or bathroom, or even redesigning and interior design of an entire house.


We offer a real price guarantee for our interior design and home furnishing designs. This means that we adhere to the prices stated in the itemized quotation and in the contract until the end of the construction. In case of “force majeure” arising from any reason, we will modify and redesign free of charge, thinking together with the customer searching for solutions. We often say that anyone who signs a contract with us also signs an insurance policy with us.


If you are looking for a team that carries out the interior design and renovation of your home with total dedication, contact us! We will work four you as we would work on our own home. Let us realize your dreams!


When sizing up apartments, we often come across flats with complex layouts, where unfortunately nothing is right-angled. This can make it rather difficult to measure accurately. Such flats are almost impossible to measure with just a chequered booklet and a laser rangefinder. To overcome such problems, we use Leica©s survey tools. These communicate with an Ipad via Bluetooth and send the measured data to the Orthograph© survey software. From the spatial data points recorded, the software automatically plots the geometry of the room, whether it’s walls are at odd angles or it has tilted roof planes. This way we can make sure that the floor plan we draw will be accurate and professional.

product procurement

We not only help you in the procurement of products, but we source directly from foreign manufacturers. Our service is not limited to directing you to a partner where You can purchase the products you need. Instead, we will manage and guide you through the entire process of sourcing the products from the selection of the right product, through the ordering process, to the delivery to your location. We have over 70 supplier partners. Please see our online store:

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