Oftentimes, unique features, practical layout, the need for storage or a beautiful view require unique home furnishing and interior design solutions. Our team is prepared for any eventuality, which is why we have our own team of carpenters, who make unique furniture tailored to the customer’s needs based on the visual plans. Our team also assembles and installs these pieces. Unique kitchen furniture, hall wall, bed, wardrobe or desk … these are not an obstacle for us.

If You have dreamed of Your new home with designer furniture, we will purchase it for you directly from the manufacturers or wholesalers at a discount price. Additionally, we will even include it in your interior design plan and, after purchase, we will also install it in Your renovated apartment. We offer our customers a wide selection of unique, high-quality hot and cold coverings, radiators, sanitary ware, faucets, wallpapers, textiles, furniture and decor elements through our domestic and international partners.

You can get a taste and even place a direct order for some design pieces in our Flamingo Deco webshop.